EV3 Tutorial

This tutorial for LEGO Mindstorms EV3 is divided in two sections. The “Essentials” are things every EV3 programmer should know. Some of these movies have exercises directly under them. It’s important to do these exercises, not just assume you “get it.” 

The “Advanced” section is for reference purposes. When you need one of EV3’s advanced functions, check it out.

These lessons assume you have a basic robot with two drive motors, a touch sensor and a light sensor.  If you don't have one of those built yet, one good place to start are the plans that were included  with your kit.  Below is an example.



Keep the EV3 Tutorial available and ad-free

The STEMcentric EV3 Tutorial is a labor of love.  Alas in this case love isn't free.  Hosting and upgrading this tutorial takes time and money and that's where you come in.  As you can imagine all these videos consume a lot of bandwidth which can add up.  Sure I could throw them up on YouTube but then students would be subjected to ads and besides many schools block YouTube.

If you, or students you are working with, got value from this tutorial, I'd deeply appreicate a small contribution towards its continued operation and enhancement.  Even a dollar per user would pay for the bandwidth that user consumed and help keep this a sustainable enterprise.

Thanks for all your support,
Dale Yocum

This tutorial was designed, and is constantly updated by Dale Yocum, Robotics Program Director at Catlin Gabel School.  Excercise animations by Skye Sweeney.

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